1. The amazon-naut
    Bep Kororoti

  2. The dance of the trees
    Pedro Vian

  3. Method

  4. Cruise Utopia
    Canaan Balsam

  5. Nfutures
    Euan Dalgarno

  6. Dreaming on Ibillorca
    Pedro Vian

  7. axfordm
    Euan Dalgarno

  8. Black Lagoon
    Albino Sound

  9. Ibillorca
    Pedro Vian

  10. This Feeling is You
    Jessica Boston & Desert

  11. Paradís Forçat
    Olaf Blanch

  12. Love is the only way
    Bep Kororoti & Akin

  13. Neocrystal
    Yoshihiro Sawasaki

  14. River Stones
    Pedro Vian

  15. Ritual Rhythms (of the Obscure Mediterranean Souls)

  16. ABoneCroneDrone
    Sheila Chandra

  17. Borealis
    Olaf Blanch

  18. Modern Obscure Music Edits Vol.1
    Jimi Bazzouka, Pedro Vian, Da Silva

  19. Univers - Matèria Corrupta

  20. Pedro Vian Remixes by Hieroglyphic Being, Vakula, Cardopusher & Da Silva
    Pedro Vian

  21. Pedro Vian
    Pedro Vian

  22. Traveling around Zambia
    Ginno Russo

  23. Charles Ditto: Basso Continuo. Cyberdelic ambient and nootropic soundscapes (1987-1994)
    Charles Ditto

  24. Sam Haar - Euso
    Sam Haar

    Hieroglyphic Being

  26. ÉPICA

  27. Black Meteoric Star aka Gavin Rayna Russom - NO MORE WHITE PRESIDENTS
    Black Meteoric Star

  28. Javier Segura – El sol desde oriente: Selected & unreleased recordings (1980-1990)
    Javier Segura

  29. Sau Poler & Pedro Vian - Drawn by Sea
    Sau Poler

  30. Defled - Hacking The Sun

  31. Beautiful Things You Left Us for Memories remixes
    Pedro Vian

  32. Beautiful Things You Left Us For Memories
    Pedro Vian

  33. Various Artists - Ritual Rhythms

  34. Black Toms
    Pedro Vian

  35. Defled - Impressions

  36. Unknown Jams
    Studio 3, Ital, Pettre, JMII

  37. Desert - Envalira Remixes
    Sau Poler, Sunny Graves, Pedro Vian, LANOCHE

  38. Modern Obscure V/A vol.1

  39. Dancing Hindus
    Pedro Vian


Modern Obscure Music Barcelona, Spain

Modern Obscure Music is a cross-cutting platform exploring the boundaries between different disciplines based on listening and music research

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